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Why should I shop locally? 

We believe that by think locally and buying locally you can help grow your local community.  

Shopping locally supports local businesses, which in turns enables them to grow revenue and/or create employment opportunities, which enables residents to inject more money into the local economy. 


Why should I shop on shoplocal.com.au

  • Discover local sellers at one handy location. 
  • Enjoy the flexibility of shopping with your local sellers at a time convenient for you. 
  • Reduce search time by quickly finding the product you want from a local seller. 
  • Easily support your local sellers, contributing to the growth of your community.


Who can buy on Shop Local? 

Anyone with an Australian postcode that wants to support their local retailer. 


Who can sell on Shop Local? 

Whether you are a retailer with a physical store, or someone who makes goods from home and sells them at your local markets, the Shop Local marketplace will make it easy for your local community to find you and buy products from you. 


How do I become a Seller? 

View the Seller's info page here to find out more. 


Can I only shop within the postcode where I live? 

We encourage you to shop locally to support and help grow your local community. However, depending on where you are at the time your 'local' may vary. Perhaps you are on a holiday in a different region, or at your place of work, and you want to support that community's independently owned businesses; that's fine by us. 


How can I pay for my purchase? 

Via PayPal, including credit card payments. 


How can I get my order delivered? 

Delivery options will vary from seller to seller, but include shipping via Australia Post, Click and Collect and Local drop off. 


What if I have a problem with a purchase? 

We encourage you to deal directly with the Seller to have your concerns addressed, however if you still can't get a resolution please contact us here


Who runs Shop Local? 

The Shop Local marketplace is independently and wholly Australian owned and run. 


I have other questions...  

Feel free to contact us via hello@shoplocal.com.au.